Keep Your Most Valuable Asset

According to Forbes Magazine, companies that mistakenly create a workplace atmosphere of “just be grateful you have a job” quickly find out it’s the surest way to experience low performance and high turnover amongst employees.

Creating an environment that engages your employees in the company is a healthy investment to your bottom line. Employees don’t want to just collect a paycheck and you want employees who are vested in your business. Your company now has the ability to manage and gather information on its greatest asset – the employees.

Introducing Company Pulse.

Company Pulse is a web-based application that enables your company to gather metrics on the happiness and wellbeing of your employees. Measure how company initiatives affect employee psyche. Recognize employees for goals reached and a job well done through the rewards program. Increase communication by keeping employees up-to-date on company happenings.

Many employees are discontent in their jobs, but rather than quitting, they simply disengage. Forbes recounts that this disengagement costs companies around $300 billion a year. Company Pulse is the answer to engaging employees. Track how company events affect employees and find out how to increase moral and encourage productivity.

The consensus is that one of the most discouraging things that can happen to a good employee is to not be rewarded for an excellent performance. Customize the Company Pulse application to suit your company’s culture and specific goals. Let employees see that you appreciate their work by using the reward system, which can be public or private. Customers can also endorse an employee for their service.

The dashboard allows easy access for managers and employees to communicate. Managers can tap into the morale of their team and ensure that all team members are engaged and excited to meet their goals. Executives have data on how to encourage productivity. Employees can track their progress and receive important company information.

Company Pulse is the gauge that is needed to track the wellbeing of your employees. Analytics are measured over time, so allot for duration to truly measure the cause and effect of procedures. Once the data is in your hands, you can keep your fingers on the pulse of your company with Company Pulse.

Company Pulse Targets Employees’ Happiness for Company Success

Competition is fierce in today’s market. How can you edge out your competition?Forbes Magazine compi

Competition is fierce in today’s market. How can you edge out your competition?

Forbes Magazine compiled a list of the 10 best companies to work for. Interestingly, 8 of those 10 best companies also made their list for the ones with the best customer service.  In addition, The USA Today noted that the companies that invested in their employees experienced soaring stocks.

Rather than focusing on short term profits, companies are investing in long-term gains by putting compassion first. And the profits are following. Making sure employees are excited about where they work is creating a winning portfolio for managers and their employees. Companies outside of those on Forbes’ 10 Best Lists had better start paying attention.

Company Pulse can help you start paying attention.

Increase Profits

Company Pulse is a web-based application that helps companies gather information on the happiness and well-being of their employees and assists them in utilizing that information to increase profits. By tracking what is important to employees, companies can implement procedures to glean increased job output as well as job satisfaction from their workers. Businesses that care about their employees’ create employees that are engaged in the business, rather than ones who simply collect a paycheck.

In 1987, Paul O’Neil stepped to the helm of the aluminum plant, Alcoa, and pledged to increase worker safety. He was echoing the number one concern employees voiced for years. When O’Neil stepped down 13 years later, accidents decreased to the point where many plants went years without an incident and in that time annual income increased by 500%. Alcoa listened to its employees, adjusted their work environment, and reaped the benefits.

Create Excited Employees

Company Pulse enables organizations to implement procedures and policies to create a work environment that employees can get excited about. When an employee enjoys where he works, he projects this happiness to customers. Happy employees make for happy customers. In an economy where competition is fierce, customer service is the edge that usually wins.

During the week of Thanksgiving, Apple gave its employees an extra 3 days off with pay. In doing this, Apple acknowledged the importance its employees placed on family time, even though it ate a bit into the bottom line. However, Apple, Inc. is consistently listed as one of the best companies to work for as well as heading the list for best customer satisfaction.

Rewards for a Job Well Done

Not only does Company Pulse track employees’ happiness, but it lets them showcase it too. As part of the Company Pulse package, employee recognition programs are customizable for your specific industry and for your specific company. Other employees, managers, and customers give out awards, which can reward performances and also encourage positive promotion of the company culture. The recipient reviews the information on his or her personal dashboard. The dashboard also highlights company news and events. There’s even an anonymous suggestion box.

Customized reports analyze employee metrics against company events and projects. These reports expose behavior patterns, so managers can gauge policies that are effective against those that aren’t. Metric values are available in real-time displaying the health and well-being of your company. Daily email alerts and unlimited surveys help keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

Increase Your Company’s Potential

Increase your company’s potential today by investing in your greatest asset – your employees. Let Company Pulse get you started in increasing output, customer satisfaction and profits. Email us at and lets get started on making your company more effective and a happier place to work!